Bookmarked The 9 Biggest Myths About Nonfiction Trade Publishing, Debunked by Summer Brennan (A Writer's Notebook)

What really happens when you “get a book deal,” publish your first book, and go on tour to promote it? It may not be what you’ve always imagined!

Summer Brennan debunks nine myths associated with publishing:

  • Book deals do not mean a bunch of money.
  • Most authors never see another cent beyond the advance.
  • Often book launches are the responsibility of the author.
  • In 99.9999% of times authors are not paid for readings.
  • Book tours are funded by authors.
  • Often authors have little control over the cover, title, and subtitle of their books.
  • Books maybe copy edited, but are often not given extensive structural edits.
  • Authors often only earn $1.50 a book.
  • Usually authors have no control over the publication of excerpts.

This is very thought provoking and eye-opening.

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