Replied to S02E49 – Waarom ik Facebook mijn mailadres niet geef by Frank Meeuwsen (

The Bulletin team is now clear : They are mainly there for independent writers, not for news brands. That they are serious about the plans can be read in the multi-year deals they make with writers. In contrast to Substack, which offers financial support for a maximum of one year and Revue has not yet made a statement about it.

You can set the clock to get Bulletin newsletters algorithmically ahead of the Facebook newsfeed. That is the right of the network, but it is the next step towards a lock-in on the platform of the largest publisher in the world. With the deepest pockets and the major influence on news, politics and society.

That’s why I didn’t subscribe to Gladwell’s newsletter. I’d rather look the cat out of the tree regarding Bulletin.

What I at least like about Substack is that I can (for now) subscribe via RSS, which means that I do not need to give my email address if I choose not to. Wonder if Bulletin will allow that?