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A discussion of the ways that large tech companies helped to define the evolution of computer typography. One battle made the CEO of Adobe really mad.

This was an interesting read in light of the roll Crystal Reports play in my job and the way templates relate with different printers. I would assume that it is all somewhat related.
Liked Weโ€™re approaching the limits of computer power โ€“ we need new programmers now | John Naughton (the Guardian)

In a lecture in 1997, Nathan Myhrvold, who was once Bill Gatesโ€™s chief technology officer, set out his Four Laws of Software. 1: software is like a gas โ€“ it expands to fill its container. 2: software grows until it is limited by Mooreโ€™s law. 3: software growth makes Mooreโ€™s law possible โ€“ people buy new hardware because the software requires it. And, finally, 4: software is only limited by human ambition and expectation.