Bookmarked Switching up my signals (W. Ian O’Byrne)

This is not easy. This is not normal. This is a bit challenging as Iā€™m forcing myself to redirect the streams that the social networks have made super simple for me (and others) to use over time. This is not easy as general users are conditioned to the sorts of signals, environments, and features that are rolled out over time. What Iā€™m trying to do here will not make sense to most people who I interact with. This will confuse and possibly anger some f my followers. This may also cause many users to unfollow me, or (better yet) the algorithms on the social networks will just filter me out of the discussions.

Ian O’Byrne reflects on the signals that he shares online and his efforts to reclaim them with the creation of his own digital Commonplace Book. I too have gone down this path, exploring the many possibilities of the #IndieWeb. It is not a simple solution, however there is something about engaging in what Clay describes as ‘awkward workflows’. I like how O’Byrne’s post captures some of the wicked questions that this all poses, such as how do we share and which links do we use.