Bookmarked Shane Warne dies aged 52: Cricket’s greatest bowler lived a life that veered wondrously between disaster and glory by Russell Jackson (ABC News)

As fans reel from the news of his death, it is impossible to avoid conjuring images of Shane Warne that are not sombre and serious at all. How could a “Warnie” moment ever be sombre and serious, writes Russell Jackson.

Russell Jackson reflects upon the charmed life of Shane Warne. He touches on controversies, the rejections, the luck and the skill that made Warne special. There has been a lot written about Warne after his death and I that ball seems to have been shared everywhere.

It was also interesting watching Leigh Sales’ interview, especially when he discusses his own obituary at the end.

And the first question, he said, “You’ve got to write this. Write your own obituary.”

And I went, “Oh, right” and I had a few goes at it, and I didn’t like, at that stage, I wasn’t happy with who I am and I felt I needed to change, I needed to do a few things and be better.

Jackson also wrote a piece celebrating the life of Rod Marsh.