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The EU is responding to consumers who feel ripped off. They’re tired of having their data stripmined and their attention stolen … Marketers don’t have to race to the bottom. It’s better at the top.

Cory Doctorow unpacks this in more detail.
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There’s one person responsible.

The time allocated matches what’s needed, not what the calendar app says.

Everyone invited is someone who needs to be there, and no key party is missing.

There’s a default step forward if someone doesn’t come.

There’s no better way to move this forward than to have this meeting.

The desired outcome is clearly stated. The organizer has described what would have to happen for the meeting to be cancelled or to stop midway. “This is what I want to happen,” and if there’s a “yes,” we’re done.

All relevant information, including analysis, is available to all in plenty of time to be reviewed in advance.

Seth Godin provides a set of questions to consider. I wonder how many of the meetings I have been a part of would actually tick all these, especially the last:

All relevant information, including analysis, is available to all in plenty of time to be reviewed in advance.

This is a checklist to come back to regularly.

Listened No such thing (as writer’s block) by Seth Godin from Akimbo

We merely have to write, we merely have to create, have to be generous enough to show up with the best work we have right now. Once the immigular, the resistance realises that you are going to ship it anyway, it will get its act together and your work will get better. Don’t say you don’t have enough good ideas, say you don’t have enough bad ideas.

Listened I see you by Seth Godin from Akimbo #003

Isn’t this what we truly want? To be seen, to be heard, to be understood…

This episode is about going beyond the industrial system to see people in all their jagged individuality. The phrase “I see you” is derived from the Zulu phrase, which talks about seeing someone for who they are, including their history and concerns. Where this is important the most is at school. The episode touches on many of the points covered by Todd Rose in The End of Average.
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The act of sacrifice, of foregoing one thing in our journey toward another one, one more generous, virtuous and useful, is actually a little piece of the satisfaction of the goal itself.

If it comes easy, it’s not the same.

There are some who complain about the effort associated with commenting from my own site, especially when you often have to comment on the other site as well. Yet without people making this ‘sacrifice’ for a deomstratebly better web.
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“I don’t have much, but I have more than you do…” The second episode of my podcast is out today, and it’s the result of perhaps fifty blog posts I wrote but didn’t post, because the topic is too important…

Seth Godin looks at life through the lens of status roles and the stories that we tell. He suggests that when we work with others and create the conditions for success we need to think about whether we are lifting the status of others or shaming them.
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Today, value isn’t created by filling a slot, it’s created by connection. By the combinations created by people. By the magic that comes from diversity of opinion, background and motivation. Connection leads to ideas, to solutions, to breakthroughs.