Bookmarked But You Canโ€™t Do That in a STEM course! | Hybrid Pedagogy by Karen Cangialosi (Hybrid Pedagogy)
When we stop judging students they stop judging and censoring themselves. They begin to actually learn. Even in a STEM class.
Karen Cangialosi unpacks the argument that open pedagogy strategies have as much place with STEM subjects, as they do within the humanities.
Listened Who needs ethics anyway? by Jordan Erica Webber from Chips with Everything podcast
There has been a quiet push lately by tech industry giants to get ethical about future technologies. But is anything more than PR? And how do we teach technology students to preempt a possible ethical disaster? Jordan Erica Webber explores the issues
This is a useful introduction to debate about ethics and technology. One of the interesting points made was in regards to Google and the situation where Google Photos mislabelled people with dark skin as gorillas. This is a consequence of years of racism or focus on whiteness within technology.

Watch Dr Simon Longstaff’s presentation for more on ethics.