Stewart Riddle discusses the five steps, which every failing teacher can follow to improve not only their students’ test scores, but also their lives, relationships and financial success:

  1. Focus on the learner
  2. Teach them some stuff
  3. Check that they learnt some stuff
  4. Teach them some more stuff
  5. Enjoy your amazing new successful look

Here’s a testimonal from a ‘real’ teacher:

“I tried Learner-Based-Learning™️ in my classroom and it completely transformed me overnight!”

Liked Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? proves satire is not dead by Michael Idato (The Sydney Morning Herald)

If nothing else, Cohen is walking, baulking proof that if you gaze long into Nietzsche’s abyss, not only will the abyss also gaze into you, it will put on a prosthetic chin and lull you into such complete and self-inflicted humiliation that recovery ought to be next to impossible.