Bookmarked This apocalyptic Australian summer is our Sandy Hook moment – if we don’t take climate action now we never will | Brigid Delaney (the Guardian)

Transformation is recognising the facts: Australia is a climate vandal, led by wreckers. We are ranked the worst of 57 countries on climate policy.

Australia is the largest exporter of coal to the world, a global top 10 deforester and a world leader in mammal extinction.

Our carbon-loving prime minister, supported by the Murdoch media and fossil fuel industry, came into parliament carrying a lump of coal.

Brigid Delaney argues that we have hit rock bottom and fears that if we do not make a stand now, then we never will.

These fires without precedent have the potential to profoundly shift the national consciousness. This summer could shake us awake – if we let it.

But if we don’t do it now, while things are raw and real, we never will.