Replied to Goodbye Facebook, Goodbye Google+ by Ryan BarrettRyan Barrett
Facebook, surprisingly, wasn’t much harder. I’d gradually become dissatisfied with the company over time, so I was already using the product less and less. I only posted six times in 2018. Regardless, it’s still the one social network that has all the people I care about in real life. I’ll miss posting pictures of my daughter and knowing my extended family, high school friends, and other parents at school will all see them.
I like your point about Facebook Ryan. I must admit that I have not shared there for a long time and also deleted my content, but I can not bring myself to delete my account. I am reminded of Naomi Barnes’ push to go beyond avoiding to discuss what next.
Replied to Good Technology by Ryan BarrettRyan Barrett My electric toothbrush is good technology. It has one button. The button turns it on. It vibrates for 30 seconds, buzzes, then repeats three more times. It has no other controls. It works one way: the standard, A...
I am wondering if there is a means of making ‘bad’ technology good or if once bad then always bad?
Liked IndieWeb Google Custom Search Engine by Ryan BarrettRyan Barrett
Google has offered custom search engines for individual sites for a long time, so I threw together one that searches all of the sites in Indie Map, plus lots more that have joined the IndieWeb since then. It seems to work ok so far. Try it out and let me know what you think! A search engine for the whole IndieWeb has been a hot conversation topic, on and off, for many years now. Many of us offer search on our own individual sites, and more ambiti...