Liked Dual Sim iPhone XS Max Review – 3 Months On

When the iPhones were announced last year I had decided before the event that I wasn’t upgrading, and for a while after the event I held out – until I found out I could get a real dual sim iPhone XS Max from Hong Kong, which means no restrictions or modifications to iOS, and real dual sim capabilities. When it dropped in price a little I caved and flexed my credit card.

Listened My Url Is (Episode 2) by an author

In this episode Eddie interviews Rosemary Orchard, a new member of the community. We talk about how she found the IndieWeb, attending IndieWebCamps remotely, wiki editing challenges and Micropub’s potential with syndication and destination targets.

Eddie Hinkle speaks with Rosemary Orchard about her experience of the IndieWeb and her itches.