Liked Dual Sim iPhone XS Max Review - 3 Months On
When the iPhones were announced last year I had decided before the event that I wasn't upgrading, and for a while after the event I held out - until I found out I could get a real dual sim iPhone XS Max from Hong Kong, which means no restrictions or modifications to iOS, and real dual sim capabilities. When it dropped in price a little I caved and flexed my credit card.
Listened My Url Is (Episode 2) by an author

In this episode Eddie interviews Rosemary Orchard, a new member of the community. We talk about how she found the IndieWeb, attending IndieWebCamps remotely, wiki editing challenges and Micropubโ€™s potential with syndication and destination targets.

Eddie Hinkle speaks with Rosemary Orchard about her experience of the IndieWeb and her itches.