Bookmarked Paywalls vs Creative Commons: Experiments with Patreon, Medium and LeanPub by Richard D. Bartlett (Medium)

So, the trickle of income from Patreon feels nice, but I don’t want to self-promote more than I already am. Medium’s paywall is a promising income stream, but I risk losing the audience I care most about. So far it feels like publishing on LeanPub hits the sweet spot between revenue and ethics. So I’m considering that my next experiment could be to package up my existing blog posts into a kind of “best of” ebook that people can buy if they want to support my writing.

I have been wondering a lot lately about Patreon and the move to closed services. Richard Bartlett reflects on his experiences and compares the different options available. Interestingly, he concluded with Leadpub and the packaging up of content to sell. This reminds me of what Audrey Watters’ does with her presentations. Personally, I would rather pay for a product, rather than a subscription.

via Doug Belshaw