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I think shallow responses are kind of niceβ€”sometimes you don’t have time to reply fully and it can be polite to just πŸ‘. In fact, I sometimes go back to likes and flesh out the reply. So it acts like a bookmark, an β€˜ack’ and a reminder to return. That’s not too shallow?

I have found my ‘likes’ since going all IndieWeb have become much more purposeful as I really make an effort to include a quote or something that highlights why it is interesting. This is a vast contrast to my Twitter/G+ experience.
Replied to Thoughts on linkblogs, bookmarks, reads, likes, favorites, follows, and related links (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko)

How I view these content types on my personal website/online commonplace book.

This is a useful reflection Chris. I find the correlation with social media spaces interesting. For example, what maybe a clap in one space maybe a star in another. I have down the path of organising my space around contributions, creations and response.

In regards to ‘responses’ I have discussed my different uses before. Basically, they follow the structure of Post Kinds, but there are times when I break them down further using tags:

  • πŸ“‘ / Bookmarks: Used for posts of interest, with added commentary and quotes added.
  • πŸ‘ / Likes: Used for links that I have little to say about, but want to like. The same as a +1 on Google+ or a star on Mastodon.
  • πŸ€” / Questions: A cross between a bookmark and a reply, questions are used as a means of posing wonderings and what ifs.
  • πŸ’¬ / Replies: Although in part serving the same purpose as a bookmark, replies allow for an interaction with the author.
  • πŸ“š / Reads: Used to collect together marginalia associated with books. I usually just bookmark articles.
  • 🎧 / Podcasts: Similar to a bookmarks and likes, this indicates podcasts.i haved listened to and engaged with.
  • 🎡 / Music: This is for reviews and reflections on music.
  • πŸ“Ί / Watched: Used for video I have watched, particular online. Although these are sometimes kept as bookmarks when they involve mixed media.
  • πŸ“° / Newsletters: My newsletter provides an opportunity to review the various bookmarks saved throughout the month. Although this could be automated using a platform like MailChimp (as Doug Belshaw does), I choose to do this manually and further add to my commentary.

I must admit that I am always making minor changes. It is far from set.