Replied to One Simple Practice I Will Continue Post-Pandemic. (

If giving kids in a F2F classroom chances to answer questions from behind a computer screen can help me ensure that everyone β€” including the quiet kid, the new kid, or the kid struggling with academic confidence β€” is heard and celebrated as a thinker in my room, that’s a practice I’m willing to embrace.

Bill, your discussion of both physical and digital learning spaces reminds me of David White’s piece of Coalescent Spaces:

Accept that students can, and will, be present in multiple spaces if they have a screen with them and find ways to create presence overlaps. This is different from simply attempting to manage their attention between room to screen.

Liked 25 Years of OU/Ed Tech – 2020: The Online Pivot by an author (

I know people like to say Ed Tech won’t save you, and that is a good antidote to the ed tech saviour hype, but in 2020 educational technologists really did save education (by which I don’t mean silicon valley profiteers, but the small teams within unis, colleges, schools, etc). People who were often buffeted around an institution, not treated with appropriate respect and under-resourced were suddenly called upon to keep the whole thing going. That’s a hell of a spotlight shift.