Some things are best learnt when given space over time. However, like a sourdough starter, such learning needs to be fed. Of late, I have come to fill this need from various places, including feeds, newsletters and courses. For example, I was reading Ben Collins’ newsletter recently, described as ‘your Monday morning espresso, in spreadsheet form.’ In it, Collins’ discusses the different notation forms.

In the QUERY function, use “select A, B, C” type notationย with direct range references and “select Col1, Col2, Col3” type notation with generated ranges.

In itself this information does not mean a lot. However, in regards to my wider knowledge of the QUERY formula, it addressed something I had been wondering about for a while. It seems obvious now and I am sure I could find an elaboration easily, but it only seems that way because of all the other dots that are a part of my serendipity surface.