Replied to Refback from IndieWeb Chat by chrisaldrich (BoffoSocko)

It took me a moment to realize what it was exactly since I hadn’t yet added a field to indicate it, but since the IndieWeb chat doesn’t send webmentions by itself, I’m glad I support refbacks to be aware of comments on my posts. The avatar didn’t come through quite like it should, but it’s nice to be able to treat refbacks like any other type of mention. Thanks David Shanske for the Refbacks plugin. Thanks Tantek for what I think is my first incoming “mention” from chat. The chat has some reasonable microformats markup, so I suppose the parser could do a more solid job, but this is a pretty great start. Sadly, Refback isn’t as real-time as Webmention, but it’s better than nothing. I suppose we could all be posting chats on our own sites and syndicating into places like IRC to own our two directional conversations, but until I get around to the other half… (or at least for WordPress, I recall having gotten syndication to IRC for WithKnown working a while back via plugin.)

This all sounds interesting, I am just a bit confused how it actually works. I activated David Shanske’s plugin on both my sites. I now seem to be getting a duplication of my webmentions?

I actually wonder about my pingbacks as well and think they might all just be getting straight to spam as I include so many links in my posts. Is there a way of testing that I am missing?