In this episode of Reclaim Today, Tim OWens speaks with Dr. Pete Rorabaugh about some of the steps and challenges associated with with extracting your data and habits from Google. On the one hand, Rorabaugh was left inspired by reading Edward Snowden’s Permanent Record, however as Google starts putting a ceiling on what you can actually do, it is becoming a practical problem. They discuss moving email to something like ProtonMail, messaging to Signal and storage to Nextcloud. One of the challenges I feel is faced with any swap is there is always compromises or sacrifices, this is something that came up in Alex Kretzschmar’s investigation of open source options to Google Photos:

Our perhaps unsatisfying conclusion to this seven-app showdown exposes an important truth: the photo management software world is too complex for a one- or two-person dev team to properly handle. Unless we see some of these app-makers start to pool their resources together, it could be a while before we get a truly excellent self-hosted option to pry many of us away from Google.

Personally, I am interested in exploring Nextcloud as a space to store my photos and probably should move my email. I am also interested in the idea of storing all the images associated with my blogs in one spot and referencing them from there. This is something Jim Groom has touched upon.

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Reclaim Today is a podcast produced by the team at Reclaim Hosting. In each episode we disect a topic related to emergent and trailing edge technologies, education, web hosting, and all other manner of things with our own personal thoughts.

I used to follow Reclaim Today as a podcast, but the feed went dead. Is there still an audio feed for this ‘podcast’?
Listened 007: The Life and Death of the Blog from Reclaim Today

This week the Berkman Center at Harvard announced they will be closing their blogging platform, the first of its kind that has been around since 2003. While rumors of bloggings death are perhaps greatly exaggerated, Jim and Tim chat about the historical precedence for institutional platforms like WordPress multisite, their role in the greater landscape of digital identity and web publishing, and how that has changed over time.

Tim Owens and Jim Groom reflect on the recent closure of the academic blogs out of Harvard. They also discuss the current state of blogging and the challenges associated with archiving.
Listened The Life and Death of the Blog from bavatuesdays

On the heels of a transatlantic journey I sat down with Tim Owens to discuss the fate of academic blogging in the wake of Harvard University’s  announcement of their shuttering their blo…

This was a fascinating podcast that covered so many aspects. Whether it be the future of blogging, the notion of domains or the question of backing up and archiving. Interestingly, it also explained why Reclaim is different to other providers. It is another one of those crossovers where it is hard to differentiate between #DoOO and differentiation.
Listened 004: Tech Talk Thursdays by Tim Owens from Reclaim Today

Your weekly Q&A session where we debunk the hosting myths, show you how the donuts get made, and answer all your burning questions about web hosting or anything else you have on your mind.

Tim Owens breaks down all the different facets of email. He discusses spam, servers, iMap vs Pop and various setup considerations.
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Yesterday’s episode was a 25 minute discussion about Now (which I keep calling Zeit Now because the domain is which is a hosting environment that makes it dead simple to host Docker containers on the web.

If Tony is four years ahead of Reclaim, I would hate to know how many years I am behind. I have tried to follow your Docker dives Jim, it kind of went over my head at the time. Is this container storage what Dave Winer means by an IndieWeb storage system?
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So, Reclaim Today is a thing. Tim Owens moves so fast it is hard for the rest of us to keep up, but there are officially four episodes of our live video show, and I’ve been in half of them :)…

I am enjoying the new [enter name here]. I was interested in your comment about bookmarking. I feel that I have different solutions set up for different purposes. I guess what is missed in the end is that aren’t they all just a file with a bunch of links. The real challenge that I find is which method would help me to uncover what it is I think I am looking for the most efficiently.

Also wondering, the [enter name here] would look good in a SPLOT?

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