Who is responsible when no one is in charge? This is the question that I am currently grappling with as we work with our insurance company to work with a building company who then subcontract out various jobs. Even though we are told we are a priority customer and that they are sorry for the hassle – is that what they say to everyone – I cannot think of one situation that has gone to some sort of plan.

The problem is, who do you speak to? Clearly the phone operators are just doing there job, while the various trades are doing theirs. (Note: we have had two different trades turn up randomly on the wrong day) Do we speak with the project manager in charge? Probably, if you can get a hold of them and they are able to actually bring your job up on the computer?

Although the ‘rise of the robots’ may resolve some of this, I think it comes back to care amd customer service. It really has me considering what cover we get and how much we pay. Maybe sometimes you pay for what you get?