Replied to The physics of social spaces are not like the physics of physical spaces by Jon Dron (

It’s very challenging to design a digital space that is both richly supportive of human social needs and easy to use. The Landing is definitely not the solution, but the underlying idea – that people are richly faceted social beings who interact and present themselves differently to different people at different times – still makes sense to me. As the conversation between Jesse and Stephen shows, there is a need for support for that more than ever.

Jon, this is one of the things that I wonder about in regards to domain of one’s own, what happens when everything is available in the form of a social exhaust. I guess that is the intent behind the discussion around private posts.
Replied to A checklist for how I’d like comments to work in WordPress by Jeremy Felt (

In current WordPress, the only way for a comment to remain private is for it to stay in an β€œunapproved” status. It would be nice if comments could flow more easily between unapproved, private, and public.


  • When someone leaves a comment, an option is available to submit the comment as private so that only the post author will see it.
  • When a post author moderates a comment, an option is available to make it private.
  • A post author has the ability to privately reply to a public or private comment within the WordPress admin.
Jeremy, I really like the idea of private comments. I guess this is a part of the wider discussion around private posts.