Bookmarked How to Generate a List of Passwords in Google Sheets (InfoInspired)

You can use my formula to easily generate a list of passwords in Google Sheets. The passwords will be a mix of alphanumerics and special characters.

Prashanth Kv breaks down the process for creating a strong password in Google Sheets. This breaks down all the various steps, such as random letters, upper and low case, as well as special characters,Β  in the creation of a formula.

=ArrayFormula(vlookup(mid(A2,2,1),Sheet2!$A$2:$B$27,2,0)&JOIN("",char(if(ISEVEN(code(split(REGEXREPLACE(LOWER(A2),"(.{1})", "$1,"),","))),code(split(REGEXREPLACE(LOWER(A2),"(.{1})", "$1,"),","))-32,code(split(REGEXREPLACE(LOWER(A2),"(.{1})", "$1,"),",")))))&vlookup(right(A2,1),Sheet2!$A$2:$B$27,2,0)&right(text(B2,"mmm"),1)&mid(text(B2,"yyy"),2,3)&day(B2))

Alternatively, Zak Kolar created an add-on for Google Sheets that generates passwords in a similar style to DinoPass.

This could be useful when generating/managing bulk account/password creation.

Bookmarked How to Use And, Or, and Not in Google Sheets Query by an author
Prashanth KV provides some options for complex string comparison operators in regards to the QUERY formula using the WHERE clause:

We can use the AND, OR, NOT logical operators in the Where clause in Query.Β The purpose of Where clause in Query is to return only rows that match aΒ specified condition.

To NOT select a particular condition, you can use <> or !=. This would look something like this: =QUERY(ICON,"Select B,C,A,AF,AG,AH,Z WHERE AF!='NO'")

Bookmarked LIKE String Operator in Google Sheets Query and Wildcard Use (InfoInspired)

The LIKE string operator in Google Sheets Query is useful for complex comparisons. It helps you use two wildcards in Google Sheets Query.

I know that it is possible to use wildcards in VLOOKUPS, however I was wondering for a means of incorporating a wildcard into a QUERY. Ideally, I wanted to replace a letter with a wildcard, but I did find a couple of posts discussing the use of LIKE to incorporate % or _ options. For example:

=query(A2:A,"Select A where A like 'A%'")

As well as MATCH to utilise REGEX:

=query(A1:B, "Select * where B matches 'India|Russia' ")

Rather than an OR statement:

=query(A1:B, "Select * where B = 'India' or B = 'Russia'")

Using REGEX also allows you to match a substring anywhere in a string:

=query(A1:B, "Select * where B matches '.*India.*' ")

Although I was still stuck with my initial problem (might need to explore the use of an IF statement), however I did pick up a few more possibilities.