The tale of Joy Division and New Order is being told like never before in ‘Transmissions: The Definitive Story’; the new podcast series capturing vivid moments and retelling the epic chronicles of the group from Joy Division’s inception onwards.



A new podcast focusing on New Order. I must admit, I have enjoyed what The Current have done in regards to Prince. I look forwards to the various voices and stories associated with New Order.
Listened Pushing good coffee Beyond merely fair in search of ethical trade by an author from

Walking down the supermarket aisle in search of coffee, I have this warm inner glow. If I choose a pack that boasts the Fair Trade logo, or that of any other third-party certifying agency, I’ll be doing good just by paying a little more for something that I am going to buy anyway. The extra I pay will find its way to the poor farmers who grow the coffee, and together enlightened coffee drinkers can make their lives better. But it seems I’m at least somewhat mistaken. Certified coffee is certainly better than nothing, but it isn’t doing as much good as I fondly imagine. And the price premium I pay could be doing a lot more.

In this episode I hear about coffee that’s more ethical than fair, and about some of the ways in which Fair Trade falls short.

I came upon this episode via Jeremy Cherfas’ response to two podcasts exploring coffee: In Our Time and Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.
Replied to inessential: Why I Listen to Podcasts at 1x Speed ( )

I’m in no hurry. I will never, ever be caught up on all the podcasts I’d like to listen to. So, instead, I just play whatever I feel like whenever I feel like listening.

I’ll miss things, and that’s totally fine. But, in the meantime, I get to listen to the human voice somewhat close to realistically, with its the natural human pauses, with its rhythms and flows relatively unmediated and natural. Its warmth and music means so much more to me than being caught up.

I am going to have to think about this.
Replied to Podcast discovery, Huffduffer, and listen feeds (BoffoSocko)

Do you have a listen feed I could subscribe to? Perhaps a Huffduffer account I should follow? How do you discover audio content online? 

That is a really good point about Huffduffer Chris, I had not really thought of that aspect. Personally speaking, I like the serendipity of the collection feed, even if somebody has not listened or liked a particular podcast.

I completely agree about the micropub point. I currently use Podcast Addict on Android to listen. Although it has a lot of functions I find useful, I get rather frustrated with workflow for creating listen posts. I am wondering if you have a particular workflow?

Bookmarked The J Files (

The J Files brings together artists and fans to share and explore the stories behind the music you love.Subscribe to The J Files podcast on iTunes or RSS

I remember growing up with Richard Kingsmill and The J Files. It was an essential aspect to my education in music. I particularly loved hearing songs from artists that I knew, but had never had the opportunity to hear before. These days such serendipity has been countered by streaming and the ability to find things easily. I therefore have started following The J Files podcast as I really like how they compile interviews and insights about artists drawn from the extensive ABC archives.
Replied to Audiobooks vs reading (Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel)

Although I listen to a lot of podcasts (here’s my OPML file) I don’t listen to many audiobooks. That’s partly because I never feel up-to-date with my podcast listening, but also because I often read before going to sleep. It’s much more difficult to find your place again if you drift off while listening than while reading!

Thank you Doug for sharing your OPML. It reminds me that I need to update my list of podcasts to add some of my newer additions, such as Reclaim Today, Have You Heard and The Guardian’s Long Reads.