Bookmarked Run a Pre-Mortem to Improve Your Strategic Planning

A Pre-Mortem is a strategic planning activity that imagines a project has failed. This type of thinking helps to identify and mitigate risks early on in the planning phase.

Exploring the worst-case scenario is traced to great Stoic philosophers, like Seneca, who called it the premeditation of evils, “premeditatio malorum”.

Adding the Pre-Mortem technique to your planning toolkit will help you to project your thoughts ahead, to comprehensively assess the challenges to a project and adapt your plans.

Tom Barrett talks about the importance of exploring any issues before they may arise by doing a pre-mortem. This involves gathering perspective and consider those impacted. This is something that Ewan McIntosh discusses in his book.
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I’m into Year Two (of two) leading digital strategy for the K-12 system here in PEI. I landed in a wonderful situation where almost all the hardware (computers and wires) system-wide had just been replaced when I arrived, and where the educators and curriculum/governance people involved are intere… I don’t particularly care if your tech project is perfect, or all the lights blink or whatever… what I care about is how much you’ve grown through that process. Did you develop your search literacies when you got stuck? Did you hit your timelines? Did your goal change as you learned more about the process?