Bookmarked The ‘Uberfication’ of education: warning about commercial operators (The Sydney Morning Herald)

An Australian unionist is leading a global campaign against the commercialisation of education, both in developing countries and in Australia.

Education International is targeting “educorporations” including Pearson and Bridge International Academies. This continues on from Audrey Watters post documenting the financial intertwining that is inherent within educational technology.

Anna Hogan says she fears the use of laptops with scripted lessons in Africa could lead “to the complete annihilation of what it means to be a teacher professional which is what the scary future of teacher becomes if it starts to become adaptive learning”.

“Logging onto the computer and students are doing all their curriculum work on the computer and the algorithms are telling them what their weak areas are. The teachers are totally hands off and just facilitating,” she says.

In Liberia outsources its education system,Β Graham Martin-Brown elaborates on Liberias decision to outsource its education system. This includes a fewΒ follow ups too.