Replied to What is trust in digital, hybrid, & physical spaces? (W. Ian O’Byrne)

In recent readings, research, and discussions, the topic of β€œtrust” has come up. This could involve questions about how do we know whether we can trust information from a source our individual. This involves questions about building trust in an organization. This has also included questions about building trust with others in a relationship on a more personal level.

Another great resource on trust and education is Paul Browning’s work on leadership. Here is a video summary of his ideas:

Liked Challenging the invisible beast (Compelling Leadership)

If you are a newly appointed leader here are a six tips to help you wrestle the invisible beast:

  • Spend time listening, seeking to understand the prevailing culture, β€œthe way things are done around here”.
  • Be a questionable person. Identify the things you don’t agree with in the culture and have the courage to lead a life that is in opposition to those things.
  • Identify the crusaders, the nay-sayers and the influencers.
  • Take care not to get sucked into the prevailing culture, it is very powerful and you will be subsumed into it if you don’t have the courage, or strength to resist.
  • Develop strategies to change those aspects of the culture you don’t agree with, strategies to develop new norms.
  • Once a new strategy or norm is established, commit.