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Neglecting your infrastructure can have adverse effects. Here are several practical ways to tidy up our digital lives from Chris Craft.

I think that being deliberate about some of these habits is often the biggest challenge. Ian O’Byrne has a series on digital hygiene to support this process.
Replied to Three steps to develop a system to take control of your passwords by Ian O’Byrne (W. Ian O’Byrne)

There are several things we need to assume as we work with digital tools.

You will be hacked
You may have already been hacked and don’t know it
You will have to change your passwords quickly when you are hacked
You will most likely have to change passwords often
One the first steps in discussing privacy and security in online spaces usually involves your passwords. The challenge is that far too many of us have a…

Ian, I was recently caught up in a civil debate about password management. The question was why I did not simply store my passwords in Google. I said that it was my choice not to, but then got caught out not really having a reason why I did not store them within the browser.

I was wondering where that sat with your discussion of passwords and ‘security’. I raised the concern that storing passwords in Google was a lot of eggs to put in the one basket, but then isn’t that what happens with LastPass etc…

I am sure I am missing something here, just thought I would ask.