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The highlight of the year was undoubtedly my podcast series Our Daily Bread. I didn’t miss a single day, though I came perilously close on occasion, and in general people seemed to like it.

That is disappointing about the book Jeremy. I really enjoyed Our Daily Bread. I found it an enthralling topic and you manage to tie together some interesting stories. Listened to quite a few episodes twice.
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A history of wheat and bread in very short episodes

Jeremy Cherfas explores how an ordinary grass became the main source of sustenance for most of the people alive on Earth. Through this month long series, Cherfas assembles a narrative combining history, biology, definition, technology, sociology, politics, religion and innovation.

Some of the questions I was left wondering were the place of Indigenous Australians and the heritage of Couscous. Maybe these ideas and more will be unpacked in a longer book version of the series?