Liked Het Medium dilemma by Frank Meeuwsen, auteur op Digging the Digital (

The platform has shifted from an open publication platform to a closed magazine with editors and curators. That is hard to swallow if you like the open web, but on the other hand I have to agree with Ben. It is great to pay for good stories and you will not be bombarded with advertisements. Unfortunately with trackers. Subsequently, the writers receive a payment for their work. Is it actually known how that allowance is structured?

Watched Decentralized Web Summit 2018-Courtyard 2 : Internet Archive : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive by Cory Doctorow from Internet Archive

In this keynote address, author and advocate, Cory Doctorow, argues that Big Tech is a problem, but the problem isn’t “Tech,” it’s “BIG.” Giants get to bend policy to suit their ends, they get to strangle potential competitors in their infancy, they are the only game in town, so they can put the squeeze on users and suppliers alike.

Cory Doctorow provides a snapshot of the world of Big Tech we are in. He asks the question, why would we ask people to code if it is illegal to do so? Doctorow puts forward the plea that human dignity and flourishing are bound up in the ability to act rather than be acted upon. If technology monopolies lock us away, this is clearly restricted.

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