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In short, micro-credentials represent the latest chapter in the attempt to make the shape of higher education more amorphous and flexible. In this, I am in favour of them, because if you want education to be inclusive and diverse then it needs to come in various formats to meet those needs. Whether micro-credentials are the means to realise that, or another attempt to bend higher ed to mythical needs of employers which turn out to be ill-defined and unwanted, remains to be seen.

Martin Weller continues his history of edtech series discussing the trend towards micro-credentials in higher education. One of the points that really stood out is the idea of credentials as validation of online learning:

Micro-credentials were the culmination of several ed tech developments, but there is also a sense in that they are driven by these very developments in order to validate themselves.

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I’ve been working on my website and added a new feature: Badges!

It’s basically like little digital awards you get on Foursquare, Untappd, etc. except I made them myself and award them to myself. It’s a way to get motivated and also share my achievements and skills on my website. Like the β€œSkills” section of LinkedIn, but self-hosted and DIY. 95% inspired by the kids show β€œHey Duggee,” and 5% inspired by the * Scouts.

To see all my badges, check out

I really like this use of badges Chris. I was meaning to share with you my notes on Open Badges, but never got around to it. Your iteration reminds me of Don Presant’s discussion of ‘self assessment‘.
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Our Teaching and Learning Hub started a Level-Up Challenge this fall that challenged faculty to make one small change to a lesson (or course/program) to make it more impactful for learners. Faculty must share their level up experience on our Hub blog and they will earn a Level-Up button. Many of our faculty who’ve already leveled up are asking if they can earn multiple buttons! We are currently working on a program for the winter semester that will continue to challenge our trailblazing faculty to keep trying new things!

A few years ago I was looking into different options for recognising learning in an attempt to celebrate more personalised successes and journeys. I wonder if Open Badges would be of use? In particular, the notion of constellations where learners are able to join together different accomplishments to tell a particular story depending on the story that needs to be told.
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Over the past few weeks I have discussed this in the #IndieWeb channels with Aaron Parecki and Tantek Γ‡elik if we could use webmentions as a credentialing tool. When you think about it an #openbadges boils down to two permalinks: the task, with criteria and evidence; and the learner artifact with evidence of learning.

I think that this is an interesting idea Greg. I am interested in the idea that if your evidence associated with the badge in question changes, you can simply send a new webmention. Also, in reverse I wonder if webmentions can be used as a may of managing badges that have an expiry date?