Watched Of Monsters and Men – ‘Alligator’ (live for Like A Version) from YouTube

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The band plays a striped back version of their song Alligator. Gone are the driving guitars, replaced with subtly of synths and synthetic drums.
Listened Of Monsters and Men โ€“ โ€˜Fever Dreamโ€™ album review from NME

Of Monsters and Men are clearly so capable of creating glorious tunes that are brimming with life, yet they seem to have resorted to mimicking a sound because its fashionable. Their clear talent is masked by trendy production and unimaginative writing. Thatโ€™s not to say the album is bad, just disappointing as it feels like they have so much more to give. โ€˜Fever Dreamโ€™ is perfectly listenable, but missing the magic spark that made them smash successes when they first emerged.

When I heard the first single, Alligator, I was intrigued about Of Monsters and Men’s third album. I wondered about the new sound and feel to the music. It probably did not follow through with what I thought it might promise, but it is still a good album.

On first the use of electronics and distortion feels uncanny, but after a few listens it finds its place. I had a similar experience with The National’s I Am Easy To Find.