Listened Fatboy Slim’s dancefloor evergreens from ABC Radio

Under the moniker Fatboy Slim the British producer and DJ has been making us dance for decades. His breakthrough album “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby” gave us ‘Right Here Right Now’, ‘Gangster Trippin’, ‘The Rockafella Skank’, and of course ‘Praise You’. Twenty years ago that song came in at #4 in the Hottest 100, but his popularity has never waned, and when he visited Australia to play massive outdoor shows, I asked him to Take 5.

Norman’s background is textured; in the 80’s he was playing bass with The Housemartins, he had a hit with Beats International, and in 1996 was born again as Fatboy Slim. But at base level, he’s a fan. So I asked him to Take 5 with his “dancefloor evergreens”; the songs that never left his crate, that he always returned to. What I didn’t realise, is that Norman Cook was about to show us the musical blueprint of who he was today.

From the turning point of how he became a DJ, to late nights with British Big Beat legends, and where his musical head is at today, this is an incredibly rich convo with a helluva soundtrack.

Arthur Conley – ‘Sweet Soul Music’

The Clash – ‘Magnificent Seven’

Donna Summer – ‘I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley remix)’

J Walter Negro And The Loose Joints – ‘Shoot The Pump’

Underworld – ‘Rez’

Whether it be soul, disco, punk or competitive collaboration, it is interesting the different ingredients that led to the creation of You’ve Come a Long Way Baby and Norman Cook’s signature sound.

It started with punk rock, where you don’t have to be a musician to make a record.

I’d grown up listening to soul music for the dance groove.

Then we had hip hop and rap music.

You put all that together, and I ended up making records as Fatboy Slim, where all I do is basically take all my record collection, chop it up into small pieces, and take the bits that I need for certain grooves.(source)

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