Presentation 1: Apple Classroom

Apple Classroom is a free app that integrates with Apple School Manager. It provides the ability to send resources, lock devices, decide what is on the screen and analyse what people have been doing. There are a lot of similarities to what Hapara provides on desktop/laptop via Chrome.

This feels like it reinstates the ‘front’ of the classroom. We are keeping people ‘in class’ longer. Interestingly, kids do not need the app. It is designed for managing the classroom, rather than managing the learning.

Presentation 2: App Smashing

The presenters shared ideas from Apple’s Everyone Can Create ebook. Discussing the use of the Apple Pencil, MarkUp, Clips, Measurement and Pages reminds me of the importance of having clear processes for collecting. It is about being clear about the right space at the right time. It also felt as it everyone is creating a copy of what everyone else is doing. For example, Apple have built in many of the features that made Book Creator so good into itsPages app.


The focus was on the benefits and negatives associated with Minecraft. Although free play is available, it is useful to have some sort of structure, otherwise things can collapse into walking around killing zombies. Another note, when creating a new world, you need to choose the right mode: creative and peaceful.