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What if we are just a collection of thoughts and reactions and there is not an actual self sitting behind the thoughts. It’s quite a mind-fuck and goes against everything we tend to assume in our post-Descartes world β€” “I think, therefore I am.” Descartes argues, even if everything around us is a deception and our senses do not report reality, that our experience of our world, true or not, is real. Our perceptions and thoughts are ours and we can be certain that we exist because of them. Others, however, have gone on to say that just because thinking is occurring it doesn’t mean that it is being done by any given ‘I’.

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Still, we have moved away from her three types of weblog as specific categories: blog (short form journals), notebooks (distinguished from blogs by their longer pieces of focused content), and filters (what we now call link blogs). Blogs tend to be a mixture of all three but, even back in 2002, Blood stated that “most weblogs do not strictly follow the roles” she outlined. I’d call them more functions of a blog rather than specific roles.

Thank you Colin for your thoughts on The Weblog Handbook by Rebecca Blood. Something to add to my notes of developing a blog. Also, good luck with the move.
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I had thought about calling this something weird or funny like “Strange Love: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Myself” but wasn’t sure if people would get the reference, I hope so but you can’t never be too sure. It might also be seen as setting too tight a scope, perhaps sounding like it was all about my battle with depression and anxiety.

I want it to be more than that so eventually opted for the simple play on words “muse-letter” – I’m absolutely terrible at naming things.

I always love your thoughts and reflections. Excited about this new project Colin. Anxious about the pandemic and the side-effects. Hoping that such projects can sustain our social desires in a time of isolation.