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The Mueller Report, orginally released as a scanned image PDF, is now available as a text-based EPUB document with 747 live footnotes and is conformant with both Web and EPUB accessibility requirements.

Something to go with Dustin Miller’s response to the Mueller Report.

via Cory Doctorow

Replied to The Mueller Report Is Part Spy Thriller, Part Game of Thrones—With Footnotes (Slate Magazine)

Is it frivolous to evaluate the Mueller report’s entertainment value? Isn’t the legitimacy of the Trump administration enabling the cruelest abuses at the nation’s borders and threatening our democratic institutions? It is, but I’d argue that it makes sense to examine everything pertaining to the Trump administration in this light because Trump doesn’t operate under an ethos of governance, or even under an ethos of business. The only thing he is good at is entertainment; it’s what got him elected and has allowed him to commandeer the news cycle for four years.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. I find it interesting to consider the Mueller report as a piece of literature. At the very least it opens up the interpretative nature of it all.

Dustin Miller explains his process for using technology to help analyse the redacted Mueller Report. This involves:

  • four optical character recognition libraries to make the text searchable.
  • named entity recognition and parts of speech to establish co-references.
  • n-grams to identify dates, people, locations and correlations.

This provides an insight into the “messy, dirty truth of data science” and machine learning. You can find more information here.