I know this track won’t hit home for a lot of people and that’s OK. I wrote it during Victorian Lock-down 1.0 at a time when I was feeling particularly lucky to be able to spend so much time with the kids while they’re still so young. To be able to look at my calendar and see NOTHING on it, forcing me to be completely in the moment because suddenly the future didn’t exist.

Surprisingly, that felt like a gift. I realised I’d been running an invisible race, a rabid dog chasing a phantom rabbit. But to what end? So to be given this chance to stop… well, I really didn’t want to forget it. So this song came out of that moment. It’s a post-it note to my future self: “don’t forget the good things you’ve learnt!”.

Missy Higgins has released When the Machine Starts, a song written about the truth of seeing beyond all the busyness of life to the being in the moment. She wrote it as a post-it note to her future self.

The video clip associated with the song is made up of multiple screens capturing the culture of video conferencing so prevelent during the crisis around COVID.

She has also produced a ‘live’ clip for The Sound which features Higgins walking around Melbourne before finally ending in with a performance at the hauntingly empty steps to Flinders Street Station.

Similar to Child Gambino’s This is America a few years ago, Higgins’ song encapsulates the current state of affairs, especially the hope at the end of the tunnel.

Listened ‘A triangle trying to squeeze through a circle’: How writing ‘Scar’ helped Missy Higgins heal from triple j

In this episode of Inspired find out how one of Australia’s most influential artists, Missy Higgins channelled her frustration into her award winning hit, ‘Scar’.

At 15 years old, Missy Higgins music career was launched after winning triple j Unearthed for her song ‘All For Believing’.

Several years later Higgins released her single ‘Scar’, from her debut album Sound Of White, earning her several Aria Awards including Album Of The Year, Best Female Artist, Highest Selling Album and Best Pop Release.

Missy Higgins shares the origin to her first hit, Scar. Interestingly, she shares how she spent so long trying to find the initial piano hook, something that seems like it was always an integral part of the song.

Playing at the iconic Melba Spiegeltent in Melbourne, Missy will be joined on stage by some very special musical friends – Kasey Chambers, Dan Sultan, Gretta Ray, Ben Abraham and Peter Garrett.

0:55 All For Believing 4:08 Ten Days 9:08 Where I Stood 13:49 Going North (ft. Kasey Chambers) 20:16 Peachy 22:53 Arrows 28:11 Run So Fast (ft. Ben Abraham) 34:34 Oh Canada 39:03 Everyone’s Waiting 44:27 Futon Couch 48:50 Biggest Disappointment (ft. Dan Sultan) 54:34 The Special Two 59:20 Back To The Wall (ft. Peter Garrett) 1:04:43 49 Candles 1:08:27 Unashamed Desire 1:12:07 Warm Whispers 1:18:06 Steer (ft. Gretta Ray) 1:22:16 Scar

When I saw that Missy Higgins had a ‘greatest hits’ album I was a bit unsure. I was unsure how many songs she had. Yet I was shocked at how many of the tracks I knew, but had fogotten about. The concert is a great celebration of her time fifteen plus years.

Listened Oz (Missy Higgins album) from

Oz is the fourth studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Missy Higgins, and was released by Eleven on 19 September 2014. It is Higgins’ first cover album, which is accompanied by a book of the same name that collects a series of essays by Higgins; using each song title as a jumping off point. The album’s title refers to each of the artists covered being from Australia, as well as being a reference to the land of Oz as established in The Wizard of Oz.

I am always intrigued by cover versions. Missy Higgins’ album of covers is intriguing listening. She provides her own twist on a number of classic and contemporary Australian artists.