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If I had to teach history again, I would focus on the following:

  1. An evidence-based instructional strategy with a heuristic to scaffold students as they learn it
  2. A digital tool that supported a wide variety instructional strategies
  3. A way to encourage reflection that led to deeper applications of strategy and digital tool.
Miguel Guhlin reflects on the process of selecting the right tool for teaching.
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I switched my mobile browsing to Firefox Focus with StartPage as my search engine of choice on mobile and desktop (although I use LibreWolf browser with uBlock OriginStartpage Privacy Protection add-on and Ad Nauseum on Desktop). And, run all that with a Private Internet Access, my favorite VPN.

Are those choices going to guarantee total privacy? Probably not. It’s still worth doing because it just isn’t anyone’s business.

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What are you using for RSS reader? I find that when I use an RSS reader, I’m more likely to focus on content than flit around via social media.

Miguel, I use Inoreader. I like the ability to subscribe to a feed that I store on my own site.

I didn’t really like how Feedly organised the various categories and always found it tedious to backup my OPML to share with others. The answer is to subscribe to an OPML Feed stored in the links of a WordPress site, rather than upload a static file.

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To that end, I’ve migrated my critical, medical, purchasing and bill paying emails away from Google Mail to a service I pay for. The next big move is Google Photos. I have countless images stored there, and I blame it all on phone app backups. Every political meme, cartoon, etc. that was on my phone is stored online. I wish there was an easy way to nuke all of those, but Google’s Archive feature captures essential images as often as it does the other’s. Still, it does a nice job.

Miguel Guhlin discusses how he transferred from Google Photos to Amazon Photos.
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How do you decide if one opportunity is more valuable than another? When I was in my mid thirties, I had three job offers pop up. I had ap…

Banning technology has been a topic that has come to the fore lately in Australian education, in particular, mobile devices. Too often the focus is on cognition and communicative, rather than the critical and constructive. I have discussed this further here. I think you are right that we need to start with instruction and then work from there.