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In which I describe how to avoid solipsism on the #indieweb

Desmond Rivet walks through both the process and code required to converse via the IndieWeb. Although there are some great summaries of Webmentions and the IndieWeb, Rivet concisely breaks down microformats and how they work.
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I gave a talk on microformats Wednesday night at the San Diego PHP Meetup group. This was my first time giving a formal talk on the topic. I think it went pretty well and I got some good feedback. There was a lot of information and links covered (and some I forgot) so I decided to make a summary post.

Nice introduction gRegor. I find myself engaging with this stuff bit by bit, especially in relation to webmentions.

Quick question, what did you make your presentation with?

Replied to Sending your First Webmention from Scratch by Aaron PareckiAaron Parecki (Aaron Parecki)

Webmention is one of the fundamental indieweb building blocks. It enables rich interactions between websites, like posting a comment or favorite on one site from another site. This post will walk you through the simplest way to get started sending webmentions to other sites so that you can use your own site to join the conversations happening on the Indie Web.

Aaron, this is a really useful introduction to the mechanics of webmentions. Am I right in saying that does the job of the HTTP request?

I am intrigued about what would need to happen for webmention endpoints to become a standard with WordPress or will it always be slightly niche?