Bookmarked COVID 19 – school leadership in disruptive times (School Leadership & Management – Volume 40, 2020 – Issue 4)

Leading in disruptive times means being able to navigate a different course, to create new pathways through the disruption. School leaders on this journey are defined by their determination, their hope, and their unshakable belief that whatever happens, whatever the cost, whatever the scale of the challenge, they will continue to do everything in their power to safeguard the learning of all young people.

Alma Harris and Michelle Jones discuss the challenges of leading without a safety net. With no guides for leading schools in a pandemic, they put forward seven propositions that require further consideration:

  1. New normal put forward by the current context
  2. Review of school leadership programs
  3. Self-care of school leaders
  4. The human dimension and the place of pedgagogy
  5. Crisis and change management
  6. Communities as a resource
  7. Distributed leadership in disruptive times