Watched Watch my live modular set recorded at Electric Offense by admin from Mentat

My live modular set performed at the Electric Offense VR Club is now online to watch. Itโ€™s a 45 minute set of my own tracks is fully live and improvised on my all hardware setup, including my Eurorack system, Sequentix Cirklon and Elektron Digitone.

Thank you for sharing this Oliver, it sent me to lookup the Sequentix Cirklon. I always wondered what that controller/sequencer was in your video. Looks an interesting bit of kit.
Oliver, I really enjoyed this breakdown of how you turned a jam into a track. Growing up, I never quite knew how it all worked, especially in regards to sequencing. (Life before YouTube.) Even with all my dabbling with synths and software (particularly Fruity Loops), I could never quite make sense how some sounds and songs such were made. I think that I thought DJing was just a guy with a crate of records.

At one stage many years ago I had a Roland GR700 and would press hold on a note and just explore sounds with the Roland PG-200 that you could attach. However, all I had to record with was a tap deck, which I never properly saved. I recently bought a Korg Volca Modular, thinking that might be something of an entry point, but again like the PG-200, it feels like it has its limitations.

I recently came upon and think that this might be my next point of exploration. I would love to build my own, as Chris Beckstrom has, just not quite sure about the time and space. (I knew I should have kept my reference monitors.)

One question, what are the trigger pads? I assume, like a Launchpad, they are linked to Ableton that allow you to trigger samples and/or midi tracks? Or are they triggering a module within the rack?