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So the next time you are trying to solve a problem, give yourself permission to explore it freely. Build a few prototypes. Try out things with an open mind and without presumptions. And when someone walks by and asks what you are doing, just answer:

I really enjoyed this reflection on play Matthias, one to add to the list (Brendan HyndmanNarissa Leung, Adrian Camm and John Johnston ). Personally, I went to two gatherings on the weekend and although there were games and colouring books, the kids had more fun with a piece of string and a bunch of balloons. Sometimes I think we can overthink these things I guess, and as you suggest, we just need the ‘permission to innovate‘.
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It’s, of course, safe to assume that a web of personal websites will never be an equivalent substitute for a social network like Twitter. But that’s also not the goal. Personal websites are called personal websites because they are just that: personal. Thus, the primary objective still is to have a place to express ourselves, to explore ourselves, a place that lasts while the daily storms pass by. A place of consideration, and yes, a place of proudly sharing what we do, what we think, and what we care about. A place to contribute your voice and help others. A home on the internet. A place to tell your story.

Matthias Ott discusses the power and potential of having your own personal website. This reminds me of Martha Burtis’ keynote from Domains 17. The only question I was left wondering is the worth of a site for those who are not developers?