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We all stand on the shoulders of giants. Whether they have titles or honours or positions of authority, or have no idea that they have any influence whatsoever. I’d like to think that all teachers are giants to someone, at some time, which is an incredibly powerful role and responsibility.

Congratulations on your award Matt. I really like your idea of thanking those little giants who help us on our way each and every day. Don’t feel we do it enough.
Bookmarked Toolographies — the new essential ingredient of student research? by Matthew Esterman (Medium)

Perhaps we need to have students include a toolography, a list — perhaps annotated — of the tools they used to source, to organise and to present their information.

This is an interesting ideas in regards to the evolving place of research and libraries.
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What kind of learning experience can ‘other’ realities provide that our physical realities don’t?
What effects will (dramatically) reduced cost and much more prolific access to VR equipment mean for schools?
What professional learning will be required for teachers, parents and students to fully utilise these kinds of technologies?
How do we ensure that we don’t just create a new method of information consumption but critical thinking, collaboration and creativity?

I have written about VR before, from the perspective of Google Cardboard. Some ideas that I thought of were as a means of supporting vocabulary, real life learning, telling stories and sparking curiosity. It is an interesting space.
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We are much more able to embrace the beautiful chaos of schools if we have a strategy, a team and an ongoing, intentional and publicly stated understanding about our role and responsibilities. Each of these elements might change over the course of time but for a given period (say a term or a year) we can build an effective environment that allows chaos to run its course, channelled into purposeful outcomes or released into the space of irrelevancy.

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The most useful network or community is the one you can build with your immediate team and colleagues in your school. They’re in the context and in the ‘know’. They’re accountable with you and they know the support structures — especially if it’s them — and can act on them. If you don’t feel you’re getting that support, find a mentor outside the context and learn to build relationships within. We need to be an active participant in those networks we choose to belong.

Matt Esterman reflects on the place of associations. Beyond reviewing our assumed attendances to such communities, Esterman recommends forming local networks. I have tried this in the past. The challenge I found with ‘local’ is catching up and being proactive.
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If we ignore the reality of relationships, current structures, culture and all those other facets of school and attempt to force change anyway, it’s like asking one of our students to begin a swimming race then suddenly emptying the pool of water before they finish.