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This post has covered some of the regular tricks we use when planning event programmes with Google Sheets. Looking through ALT’s Programme Planning Template I’m sure you’ll find more examples of the way we both use and reshape data for our events. If you have any other examples similar to this or questions feel free to get in touch.

Martin Hawksey shares some of his Sheets tips and tricks associated with putting together a conference. It is always interesting to consider different contexts and they way in which Sheets are utilised to inspire new possibilities.
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Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed with some of my fellow G Suite GDEs for a Google Apps Script marketing video that is being pulled together by Google. The final video is still in production and I look forward to seeing the results. Over the years I’ve either produced or appeared in a number of videos and the recording session for this video was definitely on a new level. Before the recording session I was given the questions I would be asked so that I could prepare some thoughts.

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Recently I’ve been experimenting with a content curation site for the Google Apps Script community (see Apps Script Pulse – Sharing Google Apps Script community content). In this post I want to sha…

I really like Apps Script Pulse. I always wonder where IndieWeb and things like webmentions and post kinds fit with all of this. In some ways it reminds me of the collation of posts for IndieNews, which utilises ‘Syndication-of‘.
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Apps Script Pulse is a new space to keep up-to-date with the latest contributions from the Google Apps Script community. Pulse is designed to compliment other community spaces – with the Apps Script Stack Overflow site supporting Q&A, the Apps Script Google Groupproviding a discussion space and the new G Suite Solutions Gallery providing a space for sample solutions – Apps Script Pulse is a distribution channel for community created content as well as surfacing highlights from existing spaces.

You can visit Apps Script Pulse and start browsing the content we’ve already collected and if you’d like to receive updates in your inbox you can subscribe to our daily digest of new posts. If you have content you would like featured in Apps Script Pulse you can ping us on Twitter @AppsScriptInfo or dropping us a line at

Martin Hawksey has created a site to collate different App Script projects.
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As the creator of TAGS privacy and surveillance often sit at the back on my mind. From the beginning TAGS was designed to help show people the amount of data we personally share and how easy it is for anyone to access. We all know that technology is not neutral and whilst there is a long list of people using TAGS for positive purposes by its nature there are some who turn to the darkside.

In a keynote for Domains19, Martin Hawksey takes a look at privacy and security. He shares a number of experiments (Domain Invaders and They Live) designed to highlight what is possible. It is interesting to consider all this alongside Kin Lane’s sentinelization of APIs. I wonder if it is about being informed?
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In the Q&A, sava saheli singh asked how we balance the “cool factor” of exciting new tech with our critical concerns. I think that’s a great way of identifying the challenge that we face, both in ed tech and technology spheres more broadly. As Martin said, many of us are tech magpies, and we enjoy playing with these new techs. However, we have an ethical duty to think critically and teach others to do the same about these new techs.

Thank you John for sharing your notes associated with Martin Hawksey’s keynote for #Domains19. I liked point of the ‘cool factor’ of technology and Martin’s point about the ethical duty. I reminds me of a post I wrote about being secure, safe and informed.
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Better than relying on the auto-embed handled by WordPress, actually copy the entire embed from Twitter to capture the text and content from the original.

I really like your point Chris in regards to the difference between the shortcode and the embed code. I wonder if there is a potential to build on Martin Hawksey’s TAGS work to smash the different parts together in Sheets rather than manually copying the embed code for each Tweet. Something like this:

=“<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p dir="ltr" lang="en">”&text&” — (@”&from_user&”) “&source&” “&created_at” <script async src="" charset="utf-8">”

I still need to think about how to accommodate “twitter-tweet” so that Sheets reads this as text too.

Doing it this way would allow users to download a list of their tweets and potentially paste the IDs into tags and then generate the embed code.