Bookmarked These 3D models take you inside the shattered ruins of some of Ukraine’s cultural treasures (ABC News)

Durand hoped that by producing intricate 3D models, he could offer the world a unique perspective of what was happening to some of these Ukrainian sites.

Emmanuel Durand is capturing the war in Ukraine in a new way, capturing 3D models of various heritage sites as a means of documenting the impact. This reminds me of a piece I wrote a few years ago on imaging and imagining the past.
Bookmarked New Zealand is racing to be ready for the Magnitude 8 earthquake due along its Alpine Fault (ABC News)

The Alpine Fault is one of the most active fault lines in the world and it has a history of sudden movements. Scientists now believe we will see a magnitude-8 earthquake in our lifetime and it will shake all of New Zealand’s South Island. 

Emily Clark and Mark Doman report on recent samples taken from the fault line that runs along New Zealand’s south island and the likelihood of a significant earthquake.

The research, published in the Nature Geoscience journal in April, also proved that yes, there was a way to forecast its future. 

Until this research, the probability of a large earthquake along the Alpine Fault within the next 50 years was understood to be about 30 per cent. 

That number has now changed. 

There is now a 75 per cent chance a large earthquake will happen along the Alpine Fault in the next 50 years, according to the research.

They discuss the efforts being put in place to proactively support the communities when such an event occurs. As someone who lives in a rather docile part of nature, away from the coast, forests or fault lines, it was really eye opening visiting both New Zealand and Fiji and seeing signs discussing what to do in case of an eruptions or tidal waves. I am intrigued about the impact of such shadows on the psyche?