Bookmarked Healthcare workers caught COVID-19 in Victoria in their thousands, so what went wrong? by Tegan Taylor (ABC News)

An investigation into the large number of Victorian healthcare workers who caught COVID-19 at work identifies some of the key factors that allowed so many to get infected — and what we can do to avoid a similar outbreak in the future.

Teagan Taylor discusses the findings presented by Marion Kainer in regards to why those in healthcare caught COVID-19 while on the job in Melbourne’s second wave. The two particular lessons were that the rooms did not have sufficient ventalation:

Single-bed rooms were at a premium, so hospital workers grouped COVID patients together in four-bed hospital rooms.

“But I was really surprised to see that the design of these four-bed rooms was such that there was no air register to take the air out of that room. But the air would move actually into the corridor when the door was opened or closed.”

Also, those being impacted were not considered high risk and therefore were using full PPE.

Early on, the issue was more that geriatric wards weren’t considered high risk environments warranting the use of N95/P2 masks, and staff wore surgical masks.

Compounding that was the fact that staff who worked with older patients weren’t practised in how to safely remove their PPE.

Kainer was also interviewed on the Coronacast podcast: