Bookmarked Bring Out Your Blogs by an author (Disquiet)

Technologies, like hemlines, go up and down. It was all about the web, then AOL, then “push,” then Web 2.0, then email was “dead.” Then came social media, then Slacks. Along the way newsletters popped back up, almost as if they were a new thing (my first one, which I founded while an editor at Tower Records, ran for a decade, beginning in 1994), and the podcast has had a second, robust economic and cultural life. Throughout, blogs just worked, even if they’ve seen better days. Self-publishing is at the heart of the healthy internet.

Marc Weidenbaum reflects on the 20th anniversary of blogging. He argues that there have been many technologies that have come and gone, but blogging still persists. The power is the ability to take writing back from the domain of writers.

Blogging is an essential tool toward meditating over an extended period of time on a subject you consider to be important.

Weindenbaum suggests thinking of something important and just blogging about it.