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Over the past five years, more and more makerspaces have been opening up around Australia and the world. These are places, either based in schools, universities or the community, where you can learn to design and build things, or hone skills you already have. Life Matters spent some time at Fab9, a high-tech makerspace that recently opened in Melbourne’s inner west, which is used by hobbyists and entrepreneurs, to find out more about the maker movement.

Erica Vowles reflects on the rise of makerspaces, what they offer in regards to possibilities and some of their limitations. This includes a conversation with Shane Duggan. It is interesting to consider this alongside the recent investigation of 3D printing on the Future Tense podcast.
Listened 3D printing and the “plateau of productivity” from Radio National

When the hype around 3D printing was at its peak, it was confidently predicted that every household would soon have a personal printer – ala the home-computing revolution.

That’s not the way it turned out. As per the Gartner Hype Cycle, expectations plummeted into what they term the “trough of disillusionment”.

But 3D printing has now emerged from the trough and it’s slowly making its way toward the verdant “plateau of productivity”.

An interesting update on the state of 3D printing. Where it is at and not at.
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It’s been a case of long time no post however I have just attended the 2018 Digicon at ACU where I shared my updated collection of Digital Toys and things. Here are the slides which list them…

John Pearce has collected a number of resources associated with makerspaces and drones. He always seems to find the right balance between pedagogy and the applications at hand.