📓 Luke Pearson (#DIGICON18 Keynote)

DLTV have always included people from diverse backgrounds. Luke Pearson was another great presenter. Unlike Rafranz Davis and Chris Harte who incorporated an explicit focus on technology, Pearson offered a different take on ‘STEM’, change and accessibility.

Pearson In The Wind:

Sometimes you need to just follow the journey and stop worrying about the outcome

Indigenous teachers are the canary in the goldmine measuring the state of indigenous education

Twitter is often where you find your kindred spirits

In giving a voice to IndigenousX https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/series/indigenousx Guardian Australia became the leading indigenous voice in Australian media

In Australia, we did not have beasts of burden to cart around to develop the need for the wheel

IndigenousX stands for indigenous excellence – celebrating the specialised skillsets

There is a long history of associating racism with the humanities, but so much actually stems from science

The failure of indigenous students is a failure of the system

Our science and tech is so much more advanced than what is available in many remote communities

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