Bookmarked Too many adjectives, not enough ideas: how NAPLAN forces us to teach bad writing (

Essentially, students are not thinking of the best ideas, words or strategies to achieve their communication goals. They are thinking of what NAPLAN wants, even if this is bad writing.

Lucinda McKnight talks about the way in which NAPLAN influences and inhibits writing habits. This relates to John Warner’s book on the problems of essay writing.
Replied to Death by TEEL: Are formulas for writing harmful? (EduResearch Matters)

If your child is finding school writing boring, frustrating or demoralising, you may be interested to ask what role TEEL has to play. In current high stakes environments, in which tests such as NAPLAN have the power to distort and demean curriculum, the TEEL epidemic is doing untold damage to children’s capacity to express themselves.

Lucinda McKnight and Narelle Wood discuss the dangers of descriptive writing structures. This reminds me of John Warner’s book Why They Can’t Write.