Bookmarked Four things teachers can do to help young people critically navigate social media by an author (EduResearch Matters)

In this post I look at what is happening and how teachers can help students navigate social media platforms and critically reflect on issues they may face on a daily basis.

Luci Pangrazio provides four ways that schools and teachers can support young people in the social media issues:

  1. Find out what students are doing with social media and what challenges they face
  2. Develop understandings of the structure of social media platforms
  3. Provide opportunities to critically reflect on the construction and interpretation of digital identities
  4. Analyse how news is presented on social media

I still think that the most effective way to engage with social media is through the use of a managed environment. I really like the way Edublogs classroom blogs supports this and think blogging is a useful starting point for understanding the structure. In regards to reflecting on what students are doing, I have found Dave White’s Visitor/Resident tool the most useful.