Bookmarked We know this disaster is unprecedented – no amount of Scott Morrison spin can hide it | Lenore Taylor (the Guardian)

“We have faced these disasters before and we have prevailed, we have overcome …That is the spirit of Australians, that is the spirit that is on display, that is a spirit that we can celebrate as Australians.”

And so, by clear implication, suggesting that this disaster IS different becomes somehow unpatriotic, wimpy, or, perish the thought, unAustralian.

Except we know that this fire disaster is unprecedented, and no amount of spin can hide it.

Lenore Taylor discusses Scott Morrison’s New Years Eve message.

“There’s also been the drought that continues and of course, the floods earlier last year,” he said, in a video message also featuring Jenny Morrison.

“But one thing we can always celebrate in Australia is that we live in the most amazing country on earth and the wonderful Aussie spirit that means that we will always overcome whatever challenges we face. That we will always look optimistically into our future.

“There’s no better place to raise kids anywhere on the planet, and we’re all so grateful that we can live in this amazing country, and that’s something we can always give thanks for as we enter into their new year.”(source)

She reflects upon the his belief that we have faced such disasters before, except we haven’t. Taylor argues that to suggest otherwise would put pressure on Morrison’s lack of policy.

If he acknowledges the fact that it is abnormal he would need to concede that global heating is part of the cause of this unprecedented situation, and that would increase pressure for Australia to do something about it, by developing a credible climate policy, instead of just pretending that we have one.

Taylor discusses this further on the Today in Focus podcast: