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Congratulations Lee and Bianca. Look forward to following your future learning journey.
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Tried that in the Melbourne lockdown, but realised a few weeks in that it probably wasn’t the most effective strategy. Fingers crossed that you can flatten the curve sooner rather than later.
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A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked to run an enrichment program for year 7 students at NBSC, Manly Campus. The program involved leading students through a week of inquiry based le…

Thank you for sharing Lee, I love the different ways in which you utilise Minecraft for different purposes.
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One of the things I have noticed over the past week is that my initial concerns about returning to ‘casual’ teaching were actually some of the things that are most exciting. I’ve managed to teach across multiple grades and classes and really test my repertoire of teaching skills, whether that be teaching the content K-6, classroom management in new contexts, or gaining a working rapport with new faces. I’ve actually found it quite invigorating and affirming!

I always loved taking ‘extras’ when I was Daily Org. There was something exciting about continually walking into new classrooms and exploring learning with students of all ages.
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The truth is, however, that whilst I have done some interesting stuff in the past couple of years (including an awesome stage 3 Horrible Histories project, a carnival games science project, and making it through to the finals in this year’s Western Sydney Airport Minecraft Competition), the truth is, I haven’t really been in the space where any of this has inspired me enough to actively blog about it.

Here was me wondering what had happened to your blog Lee, only to discover there is a goldmine elsewhere. I have never heard of Steemit before, what led you to that platform?

Good luck with your year in hiatus.